Getting Started

This template is for local developing under Node.js® and Gulp. A good workflow is to code your template on localhost and if it is ready to deploy it on the live server (e.g. copy via sftp). And for shure, you should have a Joomla!™ installation ready for this.


If Node.js® is installed, install Gulp via command prompt (e.g. console or terminal).

npm install -g gulp-cli
  • BL4NK (download latest version)


You can customize your template with your information doing the following steps.

  • Unzip BL4NK

  • Edit the templateDetails.xml

    Fill out all information

  • Replace the following images (optional)




  • Zip the template folder again


Install BL4NK like a normal template in Joomla!™. Open your command prompt and go to the template directory. Install all dependencies.

npm install

Run Gulp to compile, compress and build.


See the magic happen on your command line if you edit some files.

Working files

Let's start the work by coding in the following files.

  • index.php (html)

  • js/script.js (javascript)

  • css/template.scss or .less (css)

The building files are stored in folder /build in your template directory.